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Baby Robot ( light up book)

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ISBN: 9781465473349

Product Type: Book

Format: Board book ( big sized)


Language: English

For Ages: Baby- 3 yrs

Country of Publication: USA

Publisher: DK

Condition: Brand new

Meet Baby Robot in this interactive baby book that’s a fun light and sound toy.

Six exciting sounds and sparkly LED lights will keep babies and toddlers entertained as they follow the story about a little robot who has lost his noisy sounds!

On the front jacket, you press Baby Robot’s button and he makes a whirr-whirr, beep-beep sound, and his twinkly lights turn on. Inside, you find out about Baby Robot, naming his body parts, and touching his circle button to hear him buzz, click, and ping. But after a busy day, Baby Robot feels tired. His lights aren’t working, and he’s lost his fun sounds! Baby Robot wishes he could still have cool lights like his toy car, sound amazing like the phone, and play a wonderful tune like his musical box. Luckily, Big Robot knows what to do. Baby Robot just needs a good rest. The next day Baby Robot’s battery is recharged, and he lights up, beeps, pings, and plays a tune. Baby Robot feels great!

Baby Robot has a simple story that helps babies and toddlers learn that we all need a rest to be at our best. The book also has different shaped sound buttons, helping little ones to learn shapes. In addition, touching the buttons to turn on the sounds and lights helps children develop fine motor skills, as well as stimulating their senses, and teaching them cause-and-effect, which encourages logical thinking.
With so much for children to learn and lots to delight them, Baby Robot is a unique, early learning light and sound book, a great sensory toy for babies and toddlers, and perfect for anyone who wants an imaginative, novelty robot book for kids. Includes three replaceable batteries (which are not solar or rechargeable).