A harry and Lil Story: The Shrew that Flew

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ISBN : 978-0571325290
Product Type: Book
Format : Hardback
Author : Julia Copus
Language : Eng
For Ages : 5+
Country of Publication: UK
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Condition: Brand new

On Saturday, in the middle of June,
one bright and windy afternoon,
all the creatures by Piggyback Wood
we’re getting ready – as fast as they could.

There was only a short time left to prepare
for the birthday party at Badger’s lair.
On the invitation was written in red:
Will guests please arrive with a hat on their head?

Harry and Lil are getting ready for Badger’s party, but just as Lil goes to get her hat off the washing line, it flies away. Oh no! If only shrews could fly…

“If birds fly, why can’t shrews fly, too?”