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A head full of stories

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ISBN: 978-0237530693

Product Type: Book

Format: Paper back

Author: Su Swallow

Language: English

For Ages: 4+

Country of Publication: Austraila

Publisher: Evans brothers

Condition: Brand New

Jack’s head is so full of stories that he cannot listen to any more. His mum suggests that he lets the stories out of his head by telling them all to his family, pets, even his teddy bear. So Jack goes off to tell a story to everyone who will listen. Finally, he succeeds in releasing all the stories from his head and now is ready for someone to tell him a story. However, all his listeners have fallen fast asleep.

A good book for KS1 readers, the excellent illustrations help tell the story and allow the reader to identify which traditional story Jack is telling. The text is kept easy to follow throughout and would be suitable for most young readers.