This little piggy went dancing

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ISBN : 978-1760113438
Product Type: Book
Format : Board Book
Author : Margaret Wild
Language : Eng
For Ages : 3+
Country of Publication: Australia
Publisher: Allen and Unwin
Condition: Brand new

This little piggy went dancing

This little piggy stayed home

This little piggy had porridge

This little piggy had none

And this little piggy went hop, hop, hop, all the way home.

The little pigs we know so well from the familiar nursery rhyme now do all sorts of unexpected things – and the ones who stay home or have none are not forlorn or missing out! Keep your eye on your favourite piggy as it tries out different activities throughout the book. And watch them hula, jump, skip, zoom and whiz until the last little piggy runs ‘wee wee wee all the way home’!