Make your own Jolly – Doh

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Product Type: DIY Kit
Format : Kit
Author :
Language : Eng
For Ages : 4+
Country of Publication: India
Publisher: Cupcake
Condition: Brand new

Package Includes:

  • Dough mixture
  • Oil
  • 3 different colors
  • Stir stick
  • Container
  • 2 PVC moulds of different shapes
  • Glitter
  • Shining stars
  • Thermocol balls

Features of the Product:

  • This is a DIY product that makes experiment making more interesting
  • This jolly dough comes with different combination of colors, confetti and other add-ons.
  • You just to pour all the mixture in a bowl and add oil to this mixture. After mixing it well with stir stick.
  • You can divide the mixture into many parts and add different colors and add-ons to make each mixture different from the other.
  • After adding the add-ons you just add lukewarm water to the mixture to make it dough.
  • The materials are non-toxic
  • Halal product
  • For children above the age of 4

How it is useful?

Play dough is an imaginative activity that takes your child on a journey of creating new things with his/her mind. This unique DIY helps your kid to explore new talent. First you have to make the dough, only then you can play with it. This experimental play set gives your child to learn new skills.